snowshoes hiking

Snowshoes hiking



          What about discovering the wild side of the mountains, far away of crowdy resorts?  


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the pleasure of adventuring into the wilderness safely                                                                                       wildlife is rich in our valley



 I propose to guide you for a good moment in the wilderness, for a safe hike adapted to your level

To discover the fauna and how they can survive to the winter

To share a nice brunch of local food and drink

To have fun discovering the snowshoes and differents way to use it!


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chamois  observation                                                                                                                        a nice brunch in the alpage



My engagement:

I provide snowshoes, sticks and brunch, and all the materials necessary for fauna observation.

I organize the hike according to the conditions (avalanches, best places to see animals, etc). The group is small, 8 personns maximum, so that everyone can feel the silence and beauty of mountains.

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making our own tracks...              feeling free....       the silence of mountains.....           having fun!



My price:

I ask 15 euros per personn for ½ day hiking, 25 for full day

Children can be accepted from 5. I don’t charge children if accompagned with adults, up to 15. Call me if you want me to organize something specialy for children. I make level groups so that children or slow hikers wont be mixed with people that want long walks.



sorry for the grammaticals errors...  I can speak english quite good but my langage is not so scolar...





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the tracks of the animals give a lot of informations about their life                sorry... it's time to go down back!



there is possibility to organise a night in refuge and many other things. contact me.

i m used to organise small groups so i can adapt to your own way to enjoy the mountains! 



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 Mountain leader

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